Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Transform Startup through Startup Accelerator Methodologies

Many of you may not be aware with this term startup accelerator; however, it’s swiftly catching the imagination of entrepreneurs, enabling them to scale up.  As an entrepreneur, who doesn’t want to be in the league of winners, successful businessmen??? But not many new companies accomplish what they set out for.

Do you know why??? Almost all of them encounter similar kind of challenges, including lack of experience in running a startup, raising fund for investment, reaching out to new customers, and creating a brand among others.

Statistics on the future of startup further adds fuel to the fire. A comprehensive research conducted by a global management school Harvard Business School brings forth alarming findings. According to that research-75% of new companies fail to sustain the market pressure. Most of them encounter similar kind of challenges.

So, what’s the Way Out???

Management gurus, business leaders are very much on the same page when it comes to throwing weight behind startup accelerator. You can’t take leeway to undermine the significance of the amazing program.

In fact it’s custom made for new businesses. Do you know why they are in existence??? Significantly, the role of this methodology is to foster the growth of new businesses, providing facilities like office premises, mentorship, and access to technology, and industry expertise among others, leading them to growth.

The main objective of startup accelerator is to play a role of a catalyst, leading to establishment of a new business as a brand. A term seed capital or sweat stake is very much integral to this mode of mentorship.

What Does Seed Capital Mean???

The startup accelerator, playing a critical role in transforming the future of your dream new company is also integral to your new enterprise. Reason being, the moment you endorse a deal with such organization, they assume the role of a stake holder, enabling you to grow, investing seed capital.

For a finite period of time (may vary from three to four months), experts collaborate with the new enterprise, enabling it to scaleup. In lieu of the services, they become equity holder. That stake may vary from a company to company and deal to deal.

We will transform your startup

Innovify is a leading startup accelerator, helping new businesses meet their strategic goals, scaleup. Buoyed by a team of technically qualified professionals, we work in cohesion with the founders, top management of the startup, helping them in successfully achieving what they wanted to accomplish as founders.