Saturday, 31 January 2015

Don’t kill your dreams Collaborate with startup Accelerator

Dreams are just amazing!!! They are intangible, invisible; however, they play a critical role in shaping our future, name, fame, and glory. In fact for many of us they are a motivational factor, keeping us alive to surmount the challenges. 

Talking about business, just like any other ordinary person, businessmen too have dreams. Of course, they are completely different from stereotypes. 

For a businessman, what matters is – growth of the business, profit. That’s a truth. If you are a businessman, growth of your business, entity is your prime objective. Rest of the things can be managed.
If your business is not growing, encountering issues galore, sooner or later, it will result in the closure of the business. As a businessman nobody would like to encounter that precarious scenario. Do you know that in spite of putting in hard-work, about 75% of startups fail to remain in the market? That’s the bitter truth you can’t ignore as an upcoming businessman.  

startup accelerator

 Why should I kill my dream of becoming a successful businessman???
Well, if you are passionate about your dream of becoming a successful businessman, I’m sure the above statistics wouldn’t bother you much. There is always a solution I believe, and that’s true. Rather than focusing on problems, we should start rendering emphasis on solutions. Here is a solution for you – startup accelerator. 

Start leveraging the historic phenomenon 

Startup Accelerator
To be precise – these are the entities customized for new businesses, entrepreneurs, first generation businessman. What they do??? Blending the expertise of their expert resources onboard, they deliver a range of services, including training, mentoring, networking, and funding among others.         
That’s not all. This strategic methodology nurtures your dream company like a baby, enabling it to scaleup. For a defined period of time, ranging from four to eight months, they will act as a cradle, driving you towards success. Depending on negotiated terms, and conditions, such expert groups invest money in the form of seed capital.  Range of services are directly proportional to equity that vary from entity to entity, client to client. Generally it’s 6 to 9 per cent.               
I’m sure I have been successful in convincing the readers like you about the wonderful phenomenon, taking new companies by a storm. You too can join the league of winners, achievers!!! Start taking advantage of the startup accelerator before it’s too late. 

Why don’t you hire an expert like Innovify????               
So, if you are a fresh business graduate, looking for a company with brilliant experience in the genre to transform your idea then come in the lap of Innovify, and be a winner.      
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Friday, 2 January 2015

Evolution of Startup Accelerator

For new businesses, companies, organizations, individuals, Evolution of Startup Accelerator has been a critical factor, leading them towards strategic goals. That’s what ultimately a businessman wants!!! There is no point in sitting on a business, or managing a business that has depressing, unclear future. Such kind of scenario may lead to the closure or debt, hitting the owner very hard. It’s really an awkward situation. Now question arises – how to anticipate such an awkward situation, saving the fall from a grace. 

Satrtup Accelerator

Let’s trace the story of the historic development 

Its history goes back to a decade, 2005, USA. Couple of brilliant minds thought of coming out with a fabulous plan, strategy, sort of structure, wherein new companies get a lift for their projects, products or service, enabling them to gradually establish as a company as a brand. To be candid – in fact that’s what an entrepreneur desires. 

Research and development on the subject suggests that Y Combinator started in 2005 in USA was the first ever company in the new genre. Advantages, benefits, dividends of the new phenomenon drove many smart, business oriented people to lay the foundation of many such companies across USA, U.K, Russia, and host of other developed nations. 

Research shows Seedcamp was the first U.K. based company, providing brilliant facility to new businesses. It came into being in 2007. Techstars, a U.S.A. based organization now operates in over four prime cities. Talking about Russia, Glovstart was the first company to plunge into the business. 

Is it worthwhile 

Satrtup AcceleratorSince the beginning in 2005, the phenomenon has been on the rise, expanding its base to even developing countries, including India, and China. For obvious reasons, the modern development, the Startup Accelerator caught the imagination of hundreds of new businesses. 

In layman’s language, it can be described as a science lab with the requisite tools, space, resources, and technology to research, and experiment on a certain product or service. That’s not all, mentors with industry experience are also there to guide you at every step. Capital does matter. Without that you can’t even think of laying the foundation of your dream company. 

Your product, service receives the appropriate attention from the investors, leading to the generation of the seed capital. As the concept is feasible, it is very much in the good books of new businessmen.                   

Innovify could be your game changer 

If you haven’t accepted any offer letter from any company and are determined to launch your own company then stop wasting your time running from one advisor to another, one company to another. Come in the fold of Innovify. I as a research scholar, doing research on the functioning of new companies can bet on their expertise. 

Over the years, as a Startup Accelerator, they have lifted the career of many fresh business graduates, enabling the fruition of their idea, concept.  

So, if you are a fresh business graduate, looking for a company with fantastic experience in the genre to transform your idea then come in the lap of Innovify, and be a winner.       

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