Saturday, 25 April 2015

Think About When Starting a Startup Accelerator

Everywhere you switch there’s a replacement Startup Accelerator launching. Time can tell if that’s an honest issue or not, however as I aforementioned in my last post, if you’re not doing it associate accelerator to form cash, you’re doing it wrong. The feedback was mixed, that doesn’t surprise Maine, since there are unit several accelerators operational at the instant that don’t have a primary mandate of returning greenbacks on investment. They’re designed for different primary goals. economic development. which very ought to be regarding creating money, building a Startup system (again, very driven by creating money), job creation (bad idea), etc. however ignore that for an instant, associated let’s assume you’re hell intent on beginning an accelerator regardless of what. Great! thus what ought to it look like?

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Things to admit once beginning a Startup Accelerator

I’ve considered this plenty and talked to a bunch of individuals running accelerators or wondering it. I definitely don’t have a monopoly on the reality, and moreover, the jury is out on the whole accelerator model; none of them are around long enough to actually apprehend what’s planning to happen and the way to form long, property price.

First and foremost I’ll say this – all Startup Accelerators aren't an equivalent. It’s vital to appreciate that they’re all totally different, try totally different stages of a Startup some are unit pre-idea even, in numerous locations, with different totally different completely different amounts of cash and different goals. we are able to bundle accelerators into associate trade category, however you have got to travel into the small print to actually perceive them, the nuances, and build a model that works for you and your circumstances.

Who runs the accelerator? Like startups, I’d suggest a minimum of 2 partners founders. you wish old entrepreneurs that have “been there, done that” all told aspects of a startup’s life. Managers and directors needn't apply. There’s plenty of management associated administration (in running an accelerator), however you wish active, old entrepreneurs that perceive what it’s prefer to run an organization.

How much assistance will you provide? The word “mentorship” contains a pretty broad definition. Same with “hands-on”. What will that truly mean? It’s not obvious; however I will tell you that it takes a lot of work than you think that. At Year One Labs we tend to coin the phrase “co-create” that meant we tend to wished to genuinely facilitate within the creation of the start up. That puts America squarely within the shoes of the entrepreneurs; however on the opposite hand we’re conjointly investors. Thus what aspect of the table area unit we tend to sitting on? in all probability Right sq. within the middle.

In places wherever the Startup system isn’t super robust, you’re probably planning to attract plenty of first-time entrepreneurs that area unit planning to build an equivalent first-timer mistakes that everybody else makes. They won’t have the network, expertise or safety web of support to guide them and de-risk things. Expect to be doing plenty of labor in these things.

Are there mentors and what do they do? Most Startup Accelerators have a powerful batch of mentors. However they really facilitate isn’t as clear. You wish to outline clear expectations for mentors and ensure you have got buy-in from them. Golf stroke names on a listing for the sake of it would facilitate attract many founders, however it’s not property. Mentors got to move participants and add serious price increase the equation.

Startup Accelerators Programs need business models (and they need to make money!) to be successful and sustainable, and those business models have to take into account all the critical variables described above.


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