Friday, 14 November 2014

Do You Have Any Idea? Why Startup Accelerator Necessitated???

The changing market dynamics is forcing entrepreneurs to streamline their strategy. Over the years, market ecosystem has gone through an evolution. Why not!!! Market competition, customers’ expectation, and technological development among others are giving birth to many new developments, systems, processes. The new age phenomenon – startup incubator is one such massive development, a huge relief for new companies, entrepreneurs.
Let me take this opportunity to expand your knowledge base on this prominent issue. Initially it wasn’t welcomed as happens with any new development. Industry insiders were casting doubt on its very feasibility. However, as the new development brings with it incredible benefits, it is gradually founding takers.

Why it came into existence?

I’m sure you must have heard about an adage – “Necessity is the mother of all invention”. That sums up the essence!!! Industry leaders thought of coming up with a methodology, which can enable new businesses, ideas scaleup. That’s how startup accelerator came into the existence.

Do you have any idea, why it was necessitated??? To comprehend its significance, let me draw your attention towards a prominent research undertaken by a globally acclaimed business school. The research by Harvard Business School on the functioning of new companies, their future prospect says – about 75% of the companies fail to sustain the initial momentum, forcing them to shut shops.

Significance of New Phenomenon

 I would like to draw new entrepreneurs’ attention on the very significance of the new methodology. The programme encourages, promotes startups, providing them support in infrastructure,   technology, business flow, and market strategy among others. That’s not all, such entities also support in mentorship and seed capital. I’m sure, I’m successful in proving my point – it’s an incredible development.

Research on the management of startups, who have taken mentorship, support from the accelerator shows – companies under the umbrella of acceleratorenhances their growth prospect. They are more successful in comparison to new companies without any mentorship.

Your Search Ends with Innovify

I can understand your pain… I know how new businessmen, entrepreneursare suffering in overcoming market challenges. It’s not a cakewalk to find a right kind of mentor, who brings with it professional expertise in transforming the destiny of beginners.

Banking on my research, I can say with pride – Innovify is custom-made for your kind of company.

Don’t give up on your dreams of becoming a successful first generation entrepreneur!!! Explore your dreams at Innovify!!! So, do you think, you have a wonderful idea that has the potential to make it big in the corporate world, reach them through Innovify the Startup Accelerator.

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