Saturday, 8 November 2014

Transform Your Destiny through Unique Startup Accelerator

I’m writing this blog, focusing on the importance of startup accelerator, thinking it will provide readers, promising entrepreneurs, new companies glimpse of the new age phenomenon, and how they can benefit out of it.

Entrepreneurs have this habit of taking risk, doing something of their own. They are ordinary people with incredible qualities to launch, start a startup of their own. But fact remains – every entrepreneur can’t become a successful businessman as transforming a new business to a successful business has never been an easy ride. Tons of challenges are involved, including investment, space, human capital, and mentorship among others. Not all new companies can surmount these challenges.

What Research Says?

Let me bring to your attention a very significant finding of a famous business school Harvard Business School. According to this critical research – barely 25% of the new businesses overcome the cut throat market competition. While 75% of the startups fail to sustain the market pressure, leading to closure of the entities.

According to that research-75% of new companies fail to sustain the market pressure. Most of them encounter similar kind of challenges.

Leverage the Startup Accelerator

The emergence of the wonderful phenomenon has been a huge relief for new companies, promising entrepreneurs. Considering their requirements, new businesses, and new companies can leverage the new way of scaling up.

Conventionally startup accelerator provide a wide range of services intended to bring a turnaround in the destiny of startups, including training, mentoring, networking, and funding among others.  Couple of crucial things – this methodology takes a new business in its lap for a defined period, running from 3 to 6 months, and infuses seed capital from the transformer.

As per market trends services are exchanged at a nominal amount in the form of equity, ranging from 6 to 9 per cent. For a new organization struggling to create a base, it’s quite affordable. That’s how the phenomenon works.

Explore Your Future at Innovify

As a research scholar, doing research on new companies, startup accelerator, I would like to recommend Innovify. Why? You can bank on their expertise in bringing about a turnaround in the future of new companies. If you have a wonderful idea, concept, product, need a mentor, end your search at Innovify.

Many new companies have realized their strategic goals, leveraging their expertise. A team of expert professional works in tandem with the founders, enabling them overcome the trade hassles.

So, if you are fed up, running from one organization to another to establish your dream company as a brand, come in the fold of Innovify. You could be the next big business man. Who knows!!!   

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